#8 The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie, basically one of the best animated film that professionally employed the characteristic of Postmodernism in film. Obviously, bricolage is used in The Lego Movie it collages different film genres of action, live-action, adventure, comedy and fantasy into one. Audience get to focus on different points throughout the film like a very intense fight with the bad guy, and then juxtaposed scene where love just happen to be in the air or some jokes making. Besides, the director also uses Legos represent human, robot lego which is mixed of machine and human in the film, instead of real humans which is another characteristic from postmodernism.


The Lego movie can be classified as a postmodernism film because from the beginning scene audience are already open up to a silly dialogue and style, it is clear that this is not a serious movie which is a concept of pastiche. The biggest characteristic that opposes with modernism.


lego-movie-2 Lego-movie-trailer-2014 Lego Movie 22

Iconic figures like Batman, Superman, Green lantern, Wonder women, Abraham Lincoln, Dumbledore are seen in this multiple layered reality The Lego movie  — Intertextuality of postmodern.  By bringing all these characters in, it makes audience propel the story forward and they need no explanation about their roles. Alternatively, it adds a feeling of making fun of them even more, just like a parody. What is more “fun” in this movie is the theme song “Everything is Awesome” ironic reminder of ourselves being brainwashed to believe that life had always been “great”. In the movie, when the song is played, all the characters (citizen) are going thru the same lifestyle everyday with the instruction book to fit in the society and even how to prepare for the day like shower, eat breakfast and greetings etc. Another irony part is that this film references today’s popular culture and pokes fun at them. The best example is that part where Emmet bought a coffee that costs $37.50, he stops for a second, shocked by the price (I thought that he was surprise that it is so damn expensive) and still believes that is it “AWESOME”! *Face Palm* But in actual fact, it does reflects what is happening to our real world.

Postmodernism questions what is real and absolute (Palmer, 2014), the Lego movie is not exactly a normal hero story about a ordinary guy learns that he is special, saves the world and get the girl but it is also not exactly original. To me, The Lego movie acts as a parody film that follow the idea of The Matrix, which is also a famous postmodernism film. There are two side of settings,  One side is Emmet as the main character, the chosen one to stop President Business from destroying the lego world with The Kragle (Krazy glue); another side is in reality with a boy playing with his dad’s lego set, while his dad wants to glue the legos to maintain perfect of how it supposed to be like instead of letting his son to play.

So it’s like you can say..

The Lego movie = The matrix
Emmet = Neo 
the boy = Morpheus 
Wildstyle = Trinity
President Business = Agent Smith
To sum up, it’s always only the main hero get to see both settings completely.
One final aspect that epitomises why it is a postmodern film is the giant work of Metaphor. The director got all the audience to infuse themselves in a playful plot about emmet trying to save the world and a mystical red weapon which ends up to be a glue cap in reality, and the story is just a metaphor about fathers and son, and ‘growing up’. The Lego Movie is a movie within a movie, that gone from animated action film to live action once Emmet got tossed out of his world and into our real world.
The Lego movie treats reality and creativity as being so interchangeable with ignoring what is reality. Think of it that after the children watched the film, they can buy the same exact legos that appeared in the movie and direct some similar scene which turns out to be a movie within a movie within a movie within a movie within a movie.. So there are sort of never ending intertextuality.
In closing, these are my breakdown of The Lego movie as a postmodern film. It is not just a movie for kids or advertising toys. It actually possesses a strong and clear reminder to those who forgot how to be beautifully unorganised. Along the way as we grow up, we tend to be afraid of making things messy and we lose our creativity out of failure in making things beautiful.

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